About Us

CAS Constructors was founded by Charles A. Stryker in 1985, beginning the company’s legacy of efficiency, reliability, safety and quality in water and wastewater construction. Since that time, CAS has successfully completed over 400 water and wastewater treatment projects for a wide variety of clients throughout the Midwest.

In 2012, CAS was acquired by Alberici Corporation, a leading builder of water treatment plants in North America. The acquisition has provided CAS with additional resources allowing us to better serve our clients.
Today, we continue to build on our reputation and tradition for success that our clients demand in a construction partner.



There are many factors to consider when choosing a construction partner. Do they have the experience and knowledge to complete the job safely, on time and on budget? Do they have the reputation for quality and integrity to ensure a successful project outcome? And finally, do they have that rare passion for performance that sets them apart from their competitors and drives them to build the best possible project for you?

At CAS Constructors, we believe the answer to these questions is a definite yes. At the end of the day, we believe it comes down to this:

Our Experience

Throughout our history, CAS has completed more than 400 water and wastewater construction projects on schedule and on budget. We get it right the first time – CAS has never had liquidated damages assessed against our work. In fact, we’ve never been involved in litigation with an owner or engineer in our 30 year history (something few of our competitors can honestly claim).


Recently, CAS was recognized as the AGC Safest Utility Contractor in the United States in our category and had our last lost-time accident over 20 years ago. Safety is always a concern with major construction projects, but with CAS, you can rest assured that our construction sites are some of the safest in our industry.


Our Knowledge

A company’s knowledge comes from its people. At CAS, our people know water and wastewater. From our president and project managers to our superintendents and field personnel, no one knows this industry better than the people at CAS.


Our experienced project managers anticipate and react to issues before problems can become impactful. Third-party technical consultants provide specific expertise in the areas of project schedules, instrumentation, communications and jobsite safety on a regularly scheduled basis. We also provide ongoing education and support to our project managers, field supervisors and field personnel to keep our workforce abreast of changes, new developments and to reinforce expectations of quality and service.


Our Passion

At CAS, we have a passion for performance. From the first planning meeting to the final inspection, we are consumed with every detail, every milestone, every facet of your project. We go the extra mile to deliver your project in on time and within budget. We believe change orders are absolutely the exception, not the rule.


And our interest in your project continues for years after completion. It is a practice for a CAS quality control expert to make unsolicited visits to determine whether your facility is operating as designed and built. At CAS, we are committed to giving you our best challenge-based thinking on every aspect of your project. We pride ourselves on providing practical, creative and innovative solutions.