Since 1985, we have safely and successfully completed more than 400 water and wastewater projects. In addition to traditional Design-Bid-Build, CAS has extensive experience in utilizing the Construction Manager at Risk and Design/Build project delivery methods. In excess of 100 of our projects have been Design/Build.

At CAS, Design/Build means we partner with owners and engineers to design and build the safest, most efficient and cost effective solutions. We call it Win-Win-Win.

It saves time and money, maximizes efficiency and safety, and ensures the project will be on time and on budget. Since every critical participant is involved and responsible at every stage of the planning and execution of the project, the final product is far superior to the traditional “lowest bidder” project delivery method.

CAS also has staff ready and willing to assist owners with repairs and maintenance of their systems. CAS staff provide the expertise to troubleshoot and propose a solution that the owner can afford. This is a critical option for many municipalities and CAS works with the owner to provide the cost saving solutions.

The bottom line: we have built the reputation and tradition for success you demand in a construction partner. CAS Constructors is your best choice for efficiency, reliability, safety and quality in water and wastewater construction.