Mulvane WWTP Phase I Upgrades


City of Mulvane, Kansas

Contract Type



Burns & McDonnell

In response to a Compliance Order issued by the Kansas Department of Health & Environment, the City of Mulvane chose to procure a new Wastewater Treatment Plant by the Design / Build method for delivery. The Order provided for evaluating alternatives to correct deficiencies at the existing facility, provide for growth, and to meet new requirements for Biological Nutrient Removal. Working in concert with City Staff, Elected Officials, Financial Planners and Public Representatives, it was concluded that a new facility was the most economically attractive alternative that met the City’s long-term objectives.

After selection of Burns & McDonnell to provide design services, CAS was selected to provide construction services including Scope and GMP development. The Design-Build team, consisting of CAS , Burns & McDonnell, City operations and engineering staff, subcontractors and equipment suppliers, collaborated to evaluate alternatives, select unit processes, prepare detailed design and prepare a guaranteed maximum price for design and construction. All pricing elements were validated through a competitive quotation process. Subsurface conditions were evaluated resulting in relocation of the site to avoid dewatering and shoring of excavations. This resulted in a net savings to the City of nearly $1,000,000.00.

The new plant consists of the following:

– Rehabilitated headworks and Influent pumping

– New extended aeration BNR process

– 10 mg / 1 BOD

– 10 mg / 1 TSS

– < 1 Phosphorous

– < 8 mg / 1 Total Nitrogen

– < 200 CFU / 100 ml

– New aerobic digestion process

– Expanded UV Disinfection Process Building

– Land irrigation of digested biosolids

– New laboratory and office building

– New stand-by power.