Wichita ASR Phase II Surface Water Treatment & River Intake


City of Wichita, Kansas

Contract Type



Burns & McDonnell

CAS completed this design-build project to provide a recharge of the 125 square mile Equus Beds Aquifer in South Central Kansas. The project includes a river intake structure/system with the capacity to withdraw up to 68 mgd and an interconnected 30 mgd water treatment, storage and pumping facility. Water is taken from the Little Arkansas River during high water events, refined to drinking water standards and then delivered to the aquifer through deep injection wells.

The intake structure contains nine bays for pumping water out of the river via submersible pumps to a pre-sedimentation basin where the majority of the solids will settle for removal through clarifier technology. Additional sands are removed at the Settled Water Pump Station via automatic strainers.

Using two vertical turbine pumps, the facility conveys water two miles to the treatment plant via a 54″ raw water pipeline. The raw water will enter the Membrane filtration plant where it will be filtered using submerged membranes. Solids generated from this final state of the filtration process are sent to a Residual Return pump station where they are pumped back to the river via 2 miles of 24″ solids return piping. The filtered water will be tested and pumped to the Ozone/Advance Oxidation Plant for final cleaning and filtration. This filtration process will remove atrazine and disinfect the water. The water will be stored in a 2.4 million gallon prestressed concrete holding tank (clearwell) before being discharged to the well fields via a high service pump station and 60″ effluent piping.